Yes, once you have optimized your structured data and SEO components, voice search can further enhance many businesses.

By the year 2020, studies predict that half of searches will be carried out by voice search technology. These statistics may swade businesses into believing the only way to keep them from losing relevance is to incorporate this new trend. Although wanting to adapt to the new desires of our tech growing world is not a bad move, this inclination may leave businesses overlooking crucial aspects that hinder their content instead of boosting it.

Before businesses ask themselves whether voice search technology is for them, they should make certain that their structured data and SEO components are impeccable. Once the building blocks are reexamined, the next step is to ask is if the content they are providing is one that is commonly being asked and will the information be properly conveyed in this new structure. After properly addressing these question a business can safely determine whether this new movement will work in their favor.

Have you used voice search to find information for a local business in the last 12 months?

In April 2018, Bright Local asked a panel of 1,012 US-based consumers to share their experiences and opinions when using voice assistants and smart speakers.

This study sets out to explore how consumers use voice search to discover, contact, and find local businesses.

Can you integrate Voice Search into your mobile app?

Yes, you can integrate voice search in your Android app by adding just a few lines.

Google Now Actions allow you to take advantage of Google’s speech recognition technology to understand natural language, and turn it into Android intents delivered to your app.

Need Help adding Voice Search to your website or mobile app?

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