Google is now offering an amazing feature geared toward providing companies with keen insight into how the customers evaluate your digital identity. With advanced analytics, you can now keep track of who’s visiting your website and how they are spending their time once they are immersed. Understanding this data allows you to improve your websites traffic and ultimately the wealth of your business.


Here are some tips on how to use google analytics to the best of your advantage


  1. Landing Page

This data shows you how the back end algorithms work, which enables you to ensures that your business doesn’t get overlooked in a page full of links.


  1. Form Partnerships

Knowing which business are referring customers allows you to be able to express appreciation and ensure a reliable flow of customers.


  1. Monitor interactions and time spent on each page.

With this information you can see if and where your approach may need improvement, and what makes customers coming back for more.


  1. Bounce Rate

Understanding what intrigues your customers will increase their attention towards your content instead of spreading their energy to other sites.


  1. A visual aid

Having an illustrated image for the hot and cold spots on your site can reveal opportunities and growth.


Maintaining a well represented site can be confusing and  time consuming, thankfully COO Marketing is here to help!

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